Installation fee for new Broadband internet connection in Chandigarh

Recently in April 2016; Connect broadband revised its Activation charges / set up installation cost for chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and for all Punjab region. Latest particulars are explained here for booking new CONNECT broadband connection. Installation cost is same for wireless internet, ADSK broadband & FTTH (fiber to the home). Although detailed and clear list of installation / activation charges is displayed here, even if you have any doubt or query, Please call us directly.

If you wish to know setup charges of ‘connect broadband connection’ for home use or commercial access at chandigarh, mohali, panchkula and nearby areas, you can find here the latest information. Activation fee is a purely non refundable amount. While filling Subscriber Application Form (SAF), You can pay the processing fee by bank cheque or by Cash payment. But we suggest you to pay it through a Bank Cheque. Your cheque must be in the favour of “Quadrant Televentures Limited”. There are no hidden charges extra than installation cost. Showing here set-up charges to book new CONNECT broadband connection in Chandigarh sector & near about localities like Mohali, Kharar, Panchkula, Zirakpur etc.

CONNECT BROADBAND Chandigarh Activation fee / installation charges. Installation fee is non-refundable.
Modem Type Activation cost Total
Activation charges with LAN (non-wifi) Modem Rs. 700 + Service Tax 805
Complete set-up with Returning WiFi Router Rs. 1099 + S. Tax 1265
Installation with purchasing WiFi Router Rs. 1650 1650
Installation with Customer’s own modem/device Rs. 700 + Service Tax 805

Time to time CONNECT – Videocon offers specials plans and promotional schemes for new subscribers of chandigarh & Punjab. Booking process is very simple, just call on our contact numbers & a representative will collect all the required documents from your office or home.

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Contact Details to apply new “connect broadband” connection for chandigarh, Mohali, panchkula. CONNECT broadband Office phone numbers & addresses of Local Connect office at Chandigarh (Sector-47 & Sec-35), Mohali (Phase-7), Panchkula (Sector-9).

Apply online! New Connect broadband connection for your office or home. Contact us, So that we can collect all documents from your home or office within chandigarh, panchkula, mohali, zirakpur or kharar. Please read “important tips” from Menu, to get a hassle free installation.

After completing documentation & formalities, it takes 2 days approximately in activation of new wire-line ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line) broadband connection, WBB (Wireless Broadband Broadcast) or FTTH (Fibre to the Home) optical fiber internet at chandigarh, mohali, panchkula or nearby areas. However it may be activated earlier on customer request.

Connect-Videocon is most widely subscribed “broadband service” at Chandigarh and Punjab. It is best channel to provide you  guaranteed stable, high-speed Internet bandwidth 24 by 7.


Connect broadband service subscription in Chandigarh

Connect broadband service, Chandigarh city :: Choose any broadband package to activate with the “virus protected – Safe Internet” connection, through which you can be relaxed when you are accessing online web. Book a high speed broadband connection for mohali, Panchkula, Chd with free anti-virus keys to protect your systems and to let them work fast. Connect is King of Punjab’s broadband services and it is selling its wired and wireless broadband services in most genuine rates. Make your systems equipped with protected internet. Connect broadband is a reliable and stable telecommunication network of Punjab and Chandigarh area, It provide its customers, most advanced ‘Fibre to the Home’ (FTTH) and ‘Digital Subscriber Line’ (DSL) net connections in mohali, zirakpur, panchkula & kharar cities.

CONNECT also offers corporate solutions for internet leased line, Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service, Integrated Services for Digital Network ( ISDN ) connection at your desired internet bandwidth. An amazing super fast internet has been made possible by fiber-optic deployment to the customers, and ‘connect broadband service’ has done it. Access fastest broadband services in Kharar, Mohali, Zirakpur, Chandigarh, Panchkula with ‘connect’ FTTH lines. Only connect can provide you reliable and high-speed WiFi broadband connection within your financial range. We ensure greater internet speed and capacity. Only “Connect” brings best offers for you to get super high-speed broadband connection and aim is to provide internet penetration throughout Chandigarh and Punjab. Move with technology and book your broadband connection from us. We will show you the latest tariff list of ‘connect broadband plans’ for chd & Punjab.

Best Broadband Connection in Chandigarh

Connect Broadband Service provides best resolutions for internet connectivity at Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and entire Punjab. With maximum percentage of satisfied customers “Connect broadband” has captured the number one position in Chandigarh tricity area. Now FTTH is a part of Connect broadband services and no other internet operator can compete with speed and prices of Connect FTTH optical fiber service. If you are searching for best internet broadband connection in chandigarh, mohali or Panchkula,,, please have a look on our latest revised brodband plans. If you want to let us explain the features and benifits of using Connect broadband services, contact us on our phone numbers and we will definne you every necessary and useful curriculum related to our tariffs, documentation, installation process and so on. Connect ADSL net connection is prime choice of internet users of chandigarh, Mohali. panchkul, Kharar and Zirakpur areas. While you apply online to book new Connect broadband connection, you will get lots of extra perks like extra data, extra speed, discount on WiFi installation charges etc. 

Get minimum of 1 Mbps speed even after FUP Limit

Connect broadband service chandigarh : Speed and tariff updates

Special update for “CONNECT broadband” subscribers of chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula : Now customers of CONNECT broadband services will get at-least 1 Mega bit / second bandwidth (internet speed) even after crossing the data limit as per FUP (Fair Usage Policy).  Check our new inexpensive internet tariffs / broadband plans with extra allotted FUP data limits for high speed. Is not is interesting !  Yes, it is good news for Videocon-Connect DSL and FTTH broadband consumers, that in certain plans, users will get unlimited data consumption at the data transfer speed of 1 Mbps even after they cross the allotted high speed data limit. These special plans are available for “Connect broadband’ DSL / FTTH customers of chandigarh, Mohali and panchkula. So don’t waste your precious time and money on other broadband access provider companies,, Switch to CONNECT and apply your new broadband connection from us to access super fast internet service unlimited. Surf and download limitless with CONNECT broadband connection for home and commercial needs. Do you need fast internet in Chandigarh ? CONNECT FTTH broadband service and DSL internet connection is best solution for the faster download speeds, more than your requirement and Less price than your budget. Best reliable internet operator for residential, commercial or business applications.

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