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Chandigarh tricity or tri-city  includes of 3 cities Chandigarh (UT), Panchkula (Haryana) and Mohali (Punjab). These three cities are in neighborhood of each other. The combined area of these 3 cities is called tricity (tri-city) – tri means three.  CONNECT broadband service is available here at these 3 cities (tricity). In Chandigarh tricity area there are 3 towns also, which are near to chandigarh by less than 15 Kilometers. These towns are Zirakpur, Kharar are Derabassi. Zirakpur has  shared boundary with Chandigarh city. Here while writing posts and pages, sharing announcements, plans updates and news about CONNECT broadband services, else than writing the name of all towns and cities we have commonly used ‘Chandigarh tricity’ word. it should be understood that where we have used Chandigarh tricity, it means we are talking commonly about Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. CONNECT broadband also have feasibility in Kharar Zirakpur and derabassi. These are periphery areas, falls near by Chandigarh city, but not a part of Chandigarh tricity. CONNECT broadband connection is available in Chandigarh tricity and remote or periphery areas. FTTH (Fiber ti the home), DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), WiMAX / WBB wireless broadband and EoC (Ethernet over Copper)  connections are offered by CONNECT broadband. Chandigarh tricity also includes some of small villages like Burail, Manimajra, Atawa, Daddu Majra, Hallu Mahra, Ram Darbar, Dhanas, Darua (Daria), butrela, badheri Maloya, Behlana, raipur Khurad, nya gaon, Kishangarh, railly, harmilap nagar, Kumbra, Sohana, Mtaur etc. Else than these areas, Connect broadband is available also at Baltana, Dhakoli, bhabat (Phabhat), Lohgarh, Desumajra areas. Connect broadband plans may be different for different areas as per available technology of our internet network.

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