Connect broadband plans in Chandigarh

Connect broadband plans in Chandigarh
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Connect broadband plans in chandigarh

Connect Broadband Plans in Chandigarh Mohali

See here below list of all Connect Broadband VDSL plans in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Kharar, Zirakpur and Derabassi. All VDSL tariffs are listed here in simple format, which are very easy to understand. No hidden charges are there. GST is extra on all described monthly broadband connection plans, applicable as per Govt. of India.

Below is given chart list of all latest valid unlimited data plans, offered by Connect broadband services for residential and commercial customers.

Internet speed depends upon your location (sector/phase). We always serve you maximum possible broadband speed, 4 or 50 Mbps (in VDSL) as per your location. Some time at some special occasions, some special broadband plans also introduced by CONNECT for selected areas of chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur, derabassi and Kharar.

CONNECT Broadband plans internet tariff details Chandigarh : Details of monthly rental CONNECT broadband plans for Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula Zirakpur Kharar and derabassi (DSL / VDSL)
Rent Offered Bandwidth / internet Speed Free calling
599 Till first 50 GB speed will be up to 12 Mbps & later on 2 Mbps unlimited Unlimited Local
699 Till first 75 GB speed will be up to 12 Mbps & later on 2 Mbps unlimited Unlimited L+N
799 Till 100 GB speed will be up to 24 Mbps & later on 4 Mbps unlimited Unlimited L+N
999 Till 200 GB speed will be up to 50 Mbps & later on 4 Mbps unlimited  Unlimited L+N
1299 Till 400 GB speed will be up to 50 Mbps & later on 4 Mbps unlimited Unlimited L+N
1499 Till 500 GB speed will be up to 50 Mbps & later on 4 Mbps unlimited Unlimited L+N
1799 Till 650 GB speed will be up to 50 Mbps & later on 4 Mbps unlimited Unlimited L+N
1999 Till 900 GB speed will be up to 50 Mbps & later on 4 Mbps unlimited Unlimited L+N
2499 Till 1200 GB speed will be up to 50 Mbps & later on 4 Mbps unlimited Unlimited L+N
2999 Till 1500 GB speed will be up to 50 Mbps & later on 4 Mbps unlimited Unlimited L+N
3999 Till 2000 GB speed will be up to 50 Mbps & later on 4 Mbps unlimited Unlimited L+N


Service tax (GST) is extra, applicable on all monthly rental internet plans.

Although all CONNECT broadband internet plans are shown here with adequate description of data and speed,,, even if you have any doubt, please contact us. Your queries and suggestions are source of inspiration for us. The “up to” speed displayed here in plans, is the maximum available speed in your sector / area, you are likely to receive with Connect Broadband connection in chandigarh. The real speed you will get depends on your location and how far you are from our node/exchange. These plans are only for VDSL / DSL (digital subscriber line) customers. No doubt, Connect Broadband is the most popular and highly reliable Internet service provider, So people searching for new net internet connection at chandigarh tricity. As per us, existing internet users of  CONNECT broadband, should also be aware about current tariffs, changes, price / speed changes & so more, so that they can save their money and time with new available fast broadband plans. So this page is very useful for existing as well as new internet subscribers of Connect broadband connection. Very exciting offers are available here which is always kept up-to-date.

By good luck, if your area is feasible with Connect FTTH -optical fiber network, you can get up to 100 Mbps bandwidth. You can check FTTH fiber broadband plans from main menu.  If your area is feasible with Connect Ethernet (EoC) services, you can have access to 20 Mbps mega bandwidth. EoC ()Ethernet over Copper) connection tariffs are also shown here & for details of EoC ethernet plans, please select option from main menu. The internet speed you will receive, may differ from the speed shown here in the table, when you apply or register for new CONNECT broadband connection, we will guide you properly about it. It varies area to area, so please consult us to know maximum possible speed at your location. The broadband schemes & offers, available at your sector/phase/area are subject to local availability. You can easily confirm which broadband Line (EoC/ DSL/ FTTH) is feasible in your area. Good broadband deals are not just about the cost, it is also about what is being offered in package, the offered internet speed and quality of customer support. Information of offers & schemes will be shown at right side-bar of this website. You can ask your questions & doubts about Connect broadband connection on our numbers.

You can also download e-brochure / tariff pamphlet chart of all our latest connect broadband plans, applicable in chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, zirakpur, Kharar & derabassi. Here you will find the Best internet Plans in broadband services of chandigarh for residential home or commercial business use. Please see “right column” for updates on latest broadband tariff plans, offered from CONNECT Telecom, Specially in chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula sector.

Connect broadband is offering VDSL / DSL / Wireless Broadband service / FTTH optical fiber broadband and EoC Ethernet connection in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Kharar, Zirakpur and Derabassi, These areas are full of technically strong internet users, So these advance people don’t compromise with broadband speed and neither Connect Broadband does.

  • List of all DSL / VDSL Connect broadband Plans
  • Details of FUP (fair usage policy) Data Limit in each plan
  • Details of offered speed in various areas
  • Details of monthly price / rent / cost (Excluding GST)
  • Details of special local plans for selected areas
  • Reviews of Connect broadband DSL / VDSL plans

To download  the connect broadband’s tariff pamphlet for chandigarh and nearby areas,, Please check Main menu options.

Are you are satisfied from information on broadband tariffs, given above? Let us Know that you like us. Please suggest & post your precious comments on our e-mail or via comment box given below. If you want to discuss the internet tariffs availability, you may call us directly on 9815630368 

Typographical errors may occur, please help us to improve the mistakes – Send us an email or call 9815630368 

Thanks for devoting your precious time to Connect internet broadband Service, Chandigarh… 

Explanation and details of CONNECT broadband plans for chandigarh tricity, See Monthly internet packs for mohali, zirakpur, Kharar and panchkula ares.  We offer you affordable tariffs of higher speed & extra data in comparison to other Internet Services Providers.

149 thoughts on “Connect broadband plans in Chandigarh

    1. Hello Sachin Ji! It’s to good to see your comment. Currently your area is not feasible with Connect broadband network. So we are unable to serve you internet services at your location.

    1. At sector 42 of Chandigarh, currently only DSL service is available but it will be soon updated to VDSL technology. Stay tuned with our website for latest updates on tariffs and other features.

    1. Hello Sanjeev Sir ! There is no per day data usage limit in any of our broadband plans, there is only per month data limit (FUP). You can use the all monthly allotted data in a single day or in complete month. CONNECT broadband allows its internet users to access unlimited data usage at the internet speed of 2 Mbps to 5 Mbps (as per available technology and tariff structure) even after crossing FUP limit.

  1. Is there a plan @550 or something offering 40gb fup at of my friend have this plan but i cant find it on your website.can you explain a bit.

    1. Hello Vishu Sir ! This is a plan of rental 499 + tax, which is available only on Ethernet EoC connections at Mohali and Panchkula. I’m sure, your friend is using CONNECT Ethernet over copper (EoC) connection. This plan gives you 40 GB data at the internet speed of 15 Mbps and 5 Mbps unlimited after this allotted data (FUP).

  2. What would be the minimum speed in sector 44 B for 799 plan and what would be the charges including tax, also if it will be full secured or not ?

    1. Sure Sir ! Connect broadband DSL service is available in panchkula phase-2 industrial area. An executive will contact you shortly

  3. Hi, I need a new broadband connection in Badal Colony Zirakpur, just want to know that the connectivity is available in Zirakpur or not & what will be the charges of your modem?

    1. Hello Kiran, Badal colony zirakpur is feasible with connect broadband service. Please consult us on our numbers, so that we can suggest you righ broadband plan

    1. Hello Antish Chauhan ! Sorry to inform you but Motia city (at zirakpur) is not feasible with our broadband network.

  4. Hi
    I need new broadband connection and landline in Darpan City, kharar. Is connection is available and what speed you can provide.

    1. At ramdarbar phase-1, Our connection capacity is full, so it may not be possible to install connection there. For proper feasibility test, please Consult on our provided numbers.

    1. Sir, Please tell us your Society name, so that we can conform feasibility of our internet speed

    1. Thanks for your interest in Connect broadband connection. At Sector-46’B our connection capacity remains full most time. One of our technician will visit your location & after it we will inform your house is feasible or not.

  5. Is it Available broadband 8Mbp speed for 200GB support place in Sector 4 Panchkula as possible? Please let me know

    Thanks and cheers.

        1. Hello Mr. Vivek Mehta,,,
          Only 2 Mbps speed is available in Sector 4 Panchkula (with Wireless Broadband connectivity)

    1. At saini vihar, phase-2, Our resources are full so we will be unable to provide you new broadband connection instantly. It will take time of 5 to 7 days to arrange a port resource for you.

  6. Hi, I’m looking for a new broadband connection in the South City society located in VIP Road, Zirakpur. Are you already providing services there? Is so, please share your nearest office address or contact details.

  7. Is this service available in Khuda Lahora,Chandigarh.If it is available where I can contact for new connection.

    Govind Mangang

  8. I want to a broadband connection at chandigarh,ramdarbar,ph-2 location. Please suggest me some broadband plans.

  9. Hello I m Arun from chandigarh. I want 3G speed internet so plz let me know can I get 3G speed internet in my area.
    (Raipur khurd Near Airport chowk chandigarh. )

  10. hi

    I am looking 2 mbps broadband service in Village Devinagar, Panchkula 134109, Is it possible to get it

    Thank you

    1. Hello Sir! Thanks for your interest in our broadband services but unfortunately Your location (Amravati Enclave) is not feasible with our broadband internet network.

  11. I am looking for broadband connection in spangle heights, dhakoli, zirakpur. Please provide the available plans and contact details.

  12. Hi, will you please tell me if your broadband connection is available in sec 25 panchkula, I want to setup broadband connection as soon as possible. I am interested in 1 mbps plan, thanx. Mob no. +919XX9691X12

  13. Hi. I want a new connection at Sector 15, Panchkula. Is Connect Broadband service available there? And also, are there any annual plans available?

  14. i live in sector 4 panchkula near market. my contact no. is 9888977328. let me know weather this area is suitable for broadband of connect if yes let me know and i want to apply for the broadband plzz contact me as soon as possible.

  15. My name is Amit I live in Sector 27C Chandigarh I applied for connect broadband gave all the documents and money to employee it has been over a week I have not got internet connection and whenever I call customer care they tell that your connection has been disconnected because of dp box is full please do something I want internet connection please my contact no. 842XXX33X6

    1. Thanks for your interest in connect broadband services. Here in sector-27’C and 27’D chandigarh; there is a huge demand of wired broadband connection, but our slots are limited to a certain quantity. So there may be a delay in your connection. Kindly call the sales executive (through which you applied your broadband connection) and ask him for refund of your deposited money. Even then if you face any problem, Please contact us, so that we can solve the issue.

    1. Monthly rental charges depends upon your selected broadband plan. There are different tariffs for different areas of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. If you are looking for “connect broadband” connection in Panchkula, zirakpur or any near about area of tricity chd., then there are totally different plans for broadband users.
      Installation charges are same for all locations of chandigarh and Punjab. but setup charges of broadband connection depends upon type of modem you buy from us. For details of installation fee for new connect broadband connection, kindly Click Here

  16. Hi. I want new connection. Is FTTH available in Sec 4 MDC Panchkula? Is plan 749 available in MDC sector-4 at Panchkula??

  17. I am staying in SECTOR 20 panchkula,I want to have fast speed internet,do you give 4/8 mobs at GH 86 Sector 20 panchkula,thanks

    1. Please provide your phone number So that one of our sales executive can approach you easily. Kindly send text SMS or simply call us on our provided phone numbers.

      Thanks From Connect broadband sales team, Chandigarh

  18. I am residing in Chandigarh sector 45D and want to know if your broadband connection facility is available here or not. I am currently using BSNL broadband and want to switch due to its customer service.

    1. Thanks for your interest in Connect broadband services. In your area (Sec-45’D) Chd, our FTTH service is available. FTTH is a super fast internet comnnection. You have the option to choose any speed between 5 to 100 Mbps. Optical fibre / Fibre to the home (FTTH) is available only in few sectors of chandigarh, but we are expending it month by month. Tariffs of FTTH are cheaper and speed is higher than DSL broadband connection. Kindly consult our sales team on our provided numbers and one of our sales executive will explain you each details.

      Have a Good Day!

  19. sir… i am interested in connect connection. i am living in HL houses of phase 7 mohali near yps chowk.. can you please tell the status of your connection here. Do u provide services here also?

  20. Hello,
    You are doing a very good work by providing the valuable information to your customers, Actually, I need a FTTH service, I want to know, What are its installation charges? and Can I use our own compatible MODEM/ROUTER with company’s ONT device? If not then Can We buy the MODEM/ROUTER from the Company? also on the website there is written that 999 for the wifi router, Is this the price of the wifi router? Please tell soon.Thank You.

    1. Please tell us your address and phone number so that we can suggest you best broadband plan.

  21. I want to that do you provide internet service in cantonment army command chandimandir Panchkula.
    If yes, please let me know
    Thank you.
    And plz replyyyy

    1. Hello Rohit !
      Thanks for your interest in our broadband services. CONNECT broadbband network is available in almost all residencial and commercial sectors of Panchkula. But We apologize to say that cantonment army command, chandimandir is not covered till now.

      Have a Good Day !

    1. Yes Sir! in sector 12-A of Panchkula, we offer wireless (WiMax) internet connection. Kindly contact on our number or provide us your Phone No.

  22. Whether any rebate is available for Central Government Employees? Which Un-limited Best Plan is available in Sector 41-B (A.G. Audit Colony Area)?
    Does Connect offer any discount for long term plan payment such as annual plan payment?

    1. Respected Sir,
      At Chandigarh, we have 799 special broadband plan for Govt employees, in which you will get 1 Mbps speed till 30 Gb data and 512 Kbps bandwith till unlimited data usage.

      Please Note that applicable service tax is not included in 799.

  23. hi..pls tell if connect provides wired broad band service in sector 79 mohali if not what will.b cost of wire less broadband equipment by connect? In this area the network of all telecom isp is poor.

  24. I’m a resident of Chandimandir army can’t, panchkula…. I’m here suffering from lack of gud ISP for unlt. Plans …..if this area is feasible for ur plans please reply to it….I will be waiting…

  25. good evening guys,
    please tell me if your broadband service is available in TDI City, Sector-118, Mohali (adjacent to North Country Mall). and what is the speed of broadband if it is available at this location.

  26. I live in sector 16A Chandigarh. I want broadband connect connection of (plan 599). Is this feasible at my place. Actually i filled up connection form and security fee but after 3 days they were saying all lines are full.

  27. Hello sir,
    I am using bsnl broadband unlimited plan of Rs.675 having 512 kbps bandwidth. Its downloading speed is upto 70 KB. They are also offering me 10% discount on this.Do you offer some discounts for government employees? I am willing to take your plan of Rs.549 having 1 Mbps speed.plz also tell me what will be the downloading speed after 3 GB of data consumption at the speed of 256kbps?

    1. You can go for 599 rental broadband plan. This plan will provide you operational internet speed of 2 Mbps till the limit of 5 Gb and after 5 Gb the speed will be 512 kbps unlimited.

      — OR —

      You can go for 799 Govt plan. Connect broadband’s special 799 rental plan for government employees, is also a good option for you. In this tariff consumer gets 1 Mbps internet bandwidth till 30 Gb limit and after 30 Gb the speed will be 512 kbps unlimited.

  28. I need a superfast 4 plan of 60 gb in Amolak Enclave , Zirakpur . behind VB International School.
    Do you have service in that area
    Is the displayed rent including Tax. or not?
    What is the price of the router ?

  29. I wanted to know if there is any special local plan for Sector 44B, Chandigarh. And in what ways is Connect better than BSNL, Airtel or any other available broadband connections.
    Thanks in advance for help.

    1. Currently all broadad Plans of connect are same for all areas of tricity Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. All described tariff net packages are up to date. If you want more details, please download our broadband tariff brochure from right side of this website. you can also contact us for instant support.


        1. Why not ! We are best, our tariffs, our services, customer support, ping, speed test results and every thing an internet consumer wants from his broadband service provider, is best. Not only in Chandigarh but in all of Punjab, CONNECT has more than 95% satisfied users and if you switch to Connect broadband services, you could also be one of them.

  30. I want connect broadband connection in zirakpur, VIP road( savitry enclave society) so plz tell me that u r providing our services there or not

    1. yes Savitry enclave (Zirakpur) is feasible with “connect broadband servce” you can Contact on our phone number 9815630368 for instant booking.

  31. I want internet connection for phase 4 Mohali, do you have some cheap and best plan, call [code : 98557204516]

  32. Can you please advise if 8MBPS speed is feasible in sector 49B (PUSHPAC Society) Chandigarh.

    Also please provide latest tariff details for 8 and 4 MBPS plans.

    Do you also provide wifi modems or do I have to buy it seperately?

    1. All Plans shown here are upto date. Else than these mentioned internet tariffs, we have some special 4 and 8 Mbps broadband plans for Pushpac society, sec: 49-B, Chandigarh

  33. I am using BSNL broadband connection.and getting I MB speed upto 6 GB and thereafter 512 kb unlimited plan. Now I want to get it replaced with connect broadband plan of Rs.849/+ service tax. I am a retired Govt. Employee. Please let me know whether any rebate/concession is admissible to me as I am availing 10% rebate from BSNL on monthly basic rent . I am living in Chandigarh.

    1. Respected Sir,
      You can go for our Govt. plan. Connect offers special broadband plan for government employees. Residents of chandigarh, mohali, panchkula areas can get this plan. in Rs. 799 + service tax, you get 1 Mbps internet bandwidth till first 30 Gb, and after this limit, speed will be 512 Kbps. This is also an unlimited broadband tariff.

      Npte : Please menton your Phone Number in your next comment, so that we can contact you easily.

  34. Hello Abhishek!
    Minimum broadband plan is of rental Rs. 599 + service tax. Even there is no competition for CONNECT broadband in areas nearby chandigarh, then also CONNECT offers internet connection at lowest prices for all chandigarh and nearby areas.

    1. Yes Mr. Sachin Khanna! In phase-5 and ph-5 Industrial area (Sahimajra) both localities are feasible with ‘connect broadband’ network. For information on internet subscription and necessary documentation, please contact 9815630368

    1. Why Not!
      We are providing 8 Mbps super fast broadband plans in industrial area ph-1 chandigarh. For Further assistance on CONNECT broadband tariffs or to know maximum available internet speed, please contact us on 9815630368, You can also SMS your address to this number, then we will arrange a call back or door-step visit for you.

  35. I want new broadband connection but am confused about installation charges. Wired and wireless connection installation charges are same or different?

    1. To know installation charges, activation fee of connect broadband connection, see right side of website and check the page : Activation Fee
      This set-up cost is same for wired and wireless broadband connections & also same for Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur & Kharar.

      For further information we will request you to call us on 9815630368


  36. i m using WBB CLASSIC 549 UL PLAN in Phagwara, Punjab.
    My problem is that the while taking connection, salesman tell me that 1mbps speed till 5gb and 256 afterwards.. bt whnever i checked online, it shows 3gb limit on 1mbps..
    plz confirm me what is the exact plan.
    my connect : WIFI162861

    1. In real there are 2 different plans of 549 rental.

      • Rent 549 = 1 Mbps till 3 Gb and 256 Kbps unlimited after it
      • Rent 549 = 512 Mbps till 5 Gb and 256 Kbps unlimited after it

      But if you are using wireless broadband connection, Its plan may be somewhat different than DSL. You need to confirm your plan details from your local office of ‘CONNECT CARE’.

  37. Sir I needed connect broadband service in Krishna Enclave, Dhakoli, Zirakpur. Kindly provide me contact detail.

  38. I have to add new connection in Kishangarh IT Park,
    Please assist me and give me call

  39. Hi,

    I am interested in getting wifi internet in sector 18 Panchkula, kindly provide me the with the details of you rental plans. My number is 09888xxx546.


  40. I am looking for internet connection… can you provide service in green city, near mamta enclave, in dhakauli, zirakpur,.. please provind contact no. Of your sales executive. ?.

  41. i want to know Rs 599 pack(5 GB at 1mbps ) is currently active or not. i want to apply for new connection in mohali phase-9

  42. In pinjore nearby chandigarh your company launched broadband in this month. Company gives u best and cheap plans. which is lowest internet plan

  43. I want to know about plans avilable in zirakpur near paras downtown mall area

    and also if the rent inc after month if plan is not changed

  44. i want to replace my BSNL broadband connection in sec 19 d chandigarh. Tell me about your connect benefit mobile no 98xxxxxxxx

  45. dear sir i want connect broadband .I am stat with my 4 frnds in mohali phase 5 .c an u suggest me which plan is good for us …mai thing is that we want to download more things like movies and etc so give us unlimited plans with high speed …reply soon one more quetion can i get connet dongle or its on available in broadband???/

  46. In addition to that I want to mentioned that there must be at least 20+ guys in the lane and the perpendicular one who want broadband connection. You can even ask any one there, every house there had Bsnl broadband and no one is satisfied. Call me on 9988844215 for more. You want survey come and talk. Even we need 5 different lines in our house.

  47. Why can’t you provide connection in 605, sector 16, panchkula. It seems in complete panchkula that is the only lane where you are not giving connections. I am so fedup with Airtel. Common do expand your network, don’t be lazy as.

  48. hello sir,

    In my area not even a single broadband there. so that why i m using reliance 3g plan……but its too costly and limited data. i want to buy connect broadband.. can u help me in this…….

    Sec 65, Mohali, Near Mohali Railway Station, Backside kambali village

  49. Hi,

    I want to IMMEDIATELY purchase a Wifi Broadband connection with ONLY either a plan “Special 25GB Unlimited” @ Rs.999 p.m. or “Surf 6 GB Unlimited” @ Rs.699 p.m. in Sector 32-D, (Behind main market) CHANDIGARH.

    Hence if you can provide me a wifi connection with these plans in Sector 32-D CHD only, then do call me STRICTLY ONLY between 10:45 AM to 12:30 PM on 097xxxxxxxx / 076xxxxxx97. Or leave a WhatsApp / SMS



  50. Do you have good service / speed in Jaipuria’s Sunrise Greens, VIP Road, Zirakpur. If so, plz let me know, I want to have new connection. Also confirm if you can you provide free demo before hand.

  51. I want to know whether a landline connection is required for broadband..?? I have my own modem so what would be the charges ??

  52. i live in sector 15-d chandigarh.I called one of the employee of connect broadband .He registered me for connection and said that i’ll b able to use it very next day…but its over one week now..he is making excuses …and keep telling me that it will b done by next day…..i m very much disappointed…

  53. hi,

    i m ajay and i want to know ur monthly rental plans.
    my location is behlana near airport chowk.
    contact no 98********
    please call me.


  54. i have connect broand band internet abd i live in zirakpur there is my freind who lives in baltana and also has connect internet connection he use a paln of rs 500
    monthly rental in which he is given 5gd data-1Mbps and after wards 512Kbps is this plan is also avilable for me in zirakpur and if yes how to change my plan

  55. Hi Connect team,

    I have a connect modem from someone. Is there s possibility to install the connection with no charges for modem in sector 38W, chandigarh. Please let me know what would be the charges. and Does the rental plans shown include taxes or is it taxes extra?


  56. earlier i had connect broadband but i disconnected it due to any reason. and now i will plan to go for connect. Please explain procedure to apply for new broadband connection in chandigarh

  57. Hi

    I have gone through your rental plans and also contacted your representative.
    There is one time charges for Modem, I think 1,100.00 (on returnable basis) and Rs. 1,600.00 on non returnable basis.

    I just want that there should be an option in which you can give these charges along with the monthly rental like
    For 1,100.00 there should be Rs. 100.00 per month addition for Modem for 1 year or Rs. 50.00 per month additional for 2.5 years etc. &

    For 1,600.00 it should be Rs. 150.00 per month for 1 year.


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