What is FUP – Fair Usage Policy

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Every Internet Service Provider company has a Fair Usage Policy, this is also mentioned as Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP).

What is meaning and use of Fair Usage Policy ?

The fair usage policy FUP is a type of data limitation that is imposed by the broadband company on its user tariffs to avoid unnecessary load on its internet network. It is a part of rule / terms and conditions or terms of use made by Internet operator. This FUP policy is configured by the ISP company for their protection and to cover their profits smartly. Fair Usage Policy, simply means fair use of internet connection or broadband services. Irrespective to legal part & company rights, here we are going to discuss the function of FUP data capping in broadband tariffs. FUP data limit is a allotted limit of data usage in each plan. Before FUP you gets higher speed (as per your plan & ISP) and after you cross monthly allowed data Limit or FUP, your broadband bandwidth will slow down to a lower speed (as per your plan and ISP company). For example you are using a CONNECT broadband FTTH plan in chandigarh which allows you 50 Mbps bandwidth till FUP of 100 GB and 5 Mbps unlimited after this FUP capping. In very simple words, this type of plan will let you enjoy internet speed of 50 Mbps till FUP limit of 100 GB and when your cross this FUP capping limit of 100 GB data, your speed will slow down to 5 Mbps till unlimited usage, but you will not be charged anything extra.

 Why is FUP used what are the functions of FUP data capping ? 

A bandwidth cap or FUP data limitation, is a type of restriction implemented on the transfer of data over an internet network. It is helpful to deliver high speed internet plans in low rental prices. Actually every Internet provider company has to earn profit and also to satisfy customer needs in reasonable prices. There are many type of internet users. Everyone has its own type of data and speed requirements. If ISP company will not impose FUP limits on its data plans, how will it earn profit. And it is also not a good thing to charge same cost from a 100 GB data user and 500 GB data user. So each ISP company made its plans with FUP capping.

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